One of the most important aspects on your website, apart from of your product or service, is the content that you use on your website. All things considered, you can have the best product ever created but if your website content material is boring and nobody can understand how your products will benefit them, nobody will buy anything from you.

When you have the good copy-writing skills you can set yourself apart from the competition and make a genuine difference to your profits. Here’s how your copy can keep your audience interested, alert and ready to buy!

Create Audience Personas

Creating audience personas helps you to provide the right information on who you’re writing for. You can create more than one audience persona too. In fact, you should plan the audience personas you create to their buying journey, as well as by targeting the various audiences who need your product.

Know Your Products

Analyze the benefits your product or service delivers to your audience. If you’re unsure, ask the people who have bought or tried them. It may help you to write a list of features, then alongside each feature write down the benefit of it for your audience so that your content only stresses the benefits.


This popular marketing principle (an acronym of Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) can easily be used to develop an amazing content marketing strategy that gets results for any type of product or service.

  • Awareness

This is the where your audience is learning about the product, service, or problem. Your task at this stage is to supply content articles, adverts, webinars, podcasts, landing pages, and other informative content freely on your website, and via download of a white paper or other freebies in exchange for their email address.

  • Interest

Now your audience has an interest in the product. Ideally, they have signed up for your email list or visited to your website. You’ll now need to provide web content, email marketing content, newsletters, social media content, and more targeted content so that you can turn their interest into desire.

  • Desire

You can build desire by being more specific regarding the benefits of your offerings. Fully explain how your product or service solves the problems of your audience with informative checklists, reports, e-books to help you persuade your audience to make a purchase.

  • Action

Regardless of how good the rest of your copy is, without a clear call to action, your audience may not act. Cause your audience to react by making a purchase. Case studies, testimonials, factual data, and even courses can work to persuade your audience to finally make a purchasing decision.

When you write and manage your content correctly, it will make your life easier and your business grow.

Author: arobil