Businesslike Real Estate Management System in Bangladesh

The population growth of overall Bangladesh is 1.5%, which leads a steady increase in the real estate business, fortunately. And there is the no way to avoid the fact that property business is at high stake. Because of that, this field is getting bigger and bigger day by day. From individual flats to condominiums, people now search for different property options varied by both location and price. This humungous data store requires continuous and efficient management to sustain in the business sector.

A productive real estate management system can help you evidently to make solid growth in this sector with your organization. One of the main requisites in the real estate business is to keep track of the vacant and occupied properties in different locations. Keeping a hard copy is an extinct approach, whereas most of the newbies use excel file to store the details. That particular method is comprised of low transparency of information. A custom developed real estate management system can track each detail of each property by maintaining real-time data with a sound database.

real estate management system

This type of system development requires extensive research and sound knowledge, whereas, Arobil Ltd. is equipped with the finest professionals in this sector. Our real estate management system can meet up expectation far better than your anticipation. Searching properties, maintaining rate, booking flats, cost calculation, etc. will be far easier than ever.

Core Modules of the System

  • Cost Estimation and Issue Manager

  • Purchase & Central Stock

  • Booking and Credit Realization System

  • General Accounting Management

  • Administrative Privatization & Control

  • Material Movement & Inventory

  • Multi-terminal user facility

  • Budget allocation with position and sub position wise

  • Project wise metrical movement and issue facility

  • Plot/Flat booking payment schedule and installment facility.

  • Cheque clearing house, booking cancellation and late fee calculation

  • Client portfolio, payment register and profile report

  • Sales history report with different criteria.

  • Available flat/plot list and monthly collection sheet

  • Upcoming installment searching and follow up

  • Material issue, return, transfer and movement register

  • Unlimited user creation with any time passwords change

  • User access authorization and user activity log report