Undoubtedly this is the era of social media. Engaging posts are floating around in the social platforms, and business organizations are thriving hard to come up with the top-notch strategy for the perfect social media posts. It is incredible that everybody’s concern in social media is so high, but I am alarmed at the number of brands and agencies that are prepared to jump into social media to get “benefit” of audience attention on Twitter, Facebook, and other rapid-growth outposts. What’s lacking in maximum social media programs is a real approach right now.

If you do not know precisely why you are in social media, with whom you wish to connect, and how you are heading for measure achievement, you are not prepared to start.

In this article, I will provide you a sequential series of steps regarding critical marketing approach in social media along with some fundamental strategies to create the most engaging social media posts with a robust framework that governs what should you do, and you should not participate in social marketplaces.

Effective Strategies for Perfect Social Media Posts


Perfect Social Media Posts

If you ask any leading digital marketing company or seek help from the best content marketing agency in Bangladesh, everybody will suggest you concentrate more and more on social media marketing. For coming up with the most alluring and perfect social media posts, do follow the below-given step by step strategies at first.


Step #1: Explain the Business

Sounds essential, but if you cannot tell the correct value suggestion of the brand in a sentence, you must figure that out first.


Step #2: Business Goal

Trying to do so much in social media tangles your message and puzzles your fans. You should prepare your social media posts according to your business goal. You can focus on one objective for a while, and then alter objectives later on, but don’t try to concentrate on many goals at the same time. There are just 3 realistic business goals for any social media marketing attempt. So choose one of these.

  • Brand enthusiasm. Turning clients into fans, driving repeat buys.
  • Sales. Making use of social media to generate first-time clients or to establish your brand.
  • Loyalty. Decreasing client churn, civilizing customer service.


Step #3: Where Are the Viewers Actually?

Tremendous segments of your clients and prospects have entirely unique relationships with your brand. Several have never heard of you. Some are raving fans. Which are you trying to achieve in this program? You have to be definite here because what your real audience previously knows about you dictates what you can convincingly have a discussion about in social media. Pick no extra than two of these while creating the perfect social media posts:

  • Awareness. They have maybe heard of you, imprecisely.
  • Interest. They have heard of you and perhaps have visited a Web site, but didn’t purchase.
  • Action. They have made a single buy.
  • Advocacy. They are like the fans of the brand. Regular purchases, inform their friends, and more.


Step #4: How Does the Audience make use of Social Media?

Rolling out a social media agenda that features a client photo competition is going to fail outstandingly if your audience is not prone to content conception. Decide how your viewers behave within social media and create the perfect social media posts according to their choice. You may have to estimate on this one a bit, but enhanced yet how about surveying your clients via email and ASKING THEM how they utilize social media. Choose one or two from between these: Creators, Joiners, Spectators, Critics, and Collectors.


Step #5: The One Main Thing

For doing well in social media and developing perfect social media posts, you shall distill your brand into the one thing that’s fascinating, and in maximum cases, it is not product or service related. Social media is word of mouth on steroids, but if you do not provide people something intriguing to discuss, they will never open their mouths.


Step #6: How Will You Improve the Brand

Why do customers love social media? Since it puts them on an equal footing with brands that have been traditionally shrouded, cold and aloof. If your social media approach does not put a literal or symbolic face on your brand in one or numerous ways, you are missing the point.


Step #7: How Will You Determine Achievement?

Choose three metrics that substance to your company, and measure them consistently. Preferably, generate a baseline earlier than your social media program starts. If your business objective is faithfulness, you can measure actual ROI by focusing on mix metrics. For brand eagerness, you can concentrate on going over purchases. If you desire to get more granular, there are dozens of potential achievement metrics like blog posts and tweets, the share of voice in social media, comments, fans or friends in your social media outposts, etc. So, plenty of options is there for coming with the perfect social media posts.

Generating Perfect Social Media Posts for Any Platform

Social Media Posts

Taking time to create the perfect social media posts has never been more vital. Each and every social media platform is inundated with content – equally superior and terrible. After you have taken the time to make excellent content or curated something wonderful to share, you require presenting it in the smartest possible system. If you ask any content marketing agency in Bangladesh, they would say you the same.

It is being said that content is money, which something we operate for our viewer’s concentration. We believe that social media is the new television and that you require being entertaining and enlightening for your social media. You have worked hard to make your content approach but having a laser beam focus on just your brand does not all the time build or keep up people’s concentration which is as most excellent around seven to ten seconds. The regular attention span was 12 seconds in 2000 and was 8 seconds in 2012 as per Statistic Brain.


Therefore, what does this indicate for today’s social media dealers and professionals? You must be entertaining and put in several funds into your social media content mix. Promoting your product, book or blog non-stop will not be appealing to anyone, most expected not even yourself. Keeping your percentage of content at 90 % further people’s content and 10 % your content will assist you but do not be too dry or oppressive when you generate your editorial calendar. Now, let’s follow the rules for making the perfect social media posts for several platforms.

Some Tips for posting on several social media platforms:




  1. Post regularly to settle in the News Feed.
  2. Put in multiplicity to your content by posting articles, photos, and videos.
  3. Make fun with your Facebook posts – this is a supplementary private network so allow people get to know you are in it.



  1. Be significant. LinkedIn is the platform to prove your smarts. We do not suggest posting quotes as status updates in it. I love them on Pinterest and Twitter, but I do not think they carry sufficient weight for a LinkedIn modernize.
  2. Be steady. Post at slightest one update per day and up to four daily increase out during the day to stay active in the LinkedIn stream.
  3. Superiority counts. Share your content in addition to the most excellent content in your field of focus. The substance that you curate and share reveals your content and should be well-built.


Googel plus

  1. Utilize large images on every post. 800 pixels x 600 pixels or 800 pixels x 1200 pixels look incredible.
  2. Create your posts stand out! It does not mean a thing if it does not contain that bling! Use some formatting to present your posts some pizzazz. Provide your post a bold heading, and use a few italics, sprinkle in a few relevant hashtags and voila! Your post is organized to go.
  3. Confirm you offer credit to the primary source of the texts and photos that you are sharing. Being a first-class citizen by giving correct credit is very significant.




  1. Make beautiful boards with a nice tight theme.
  2. Insert descriptions of minimum 200 characters with keywords to assist people in discovering your pins through search.
  3. Prepare vertical images to take advantage of your real estate. Pinterest images should be extended and thin to take up the maximum quantity of visual space and get noticed! Observe your favorite pins and see what the images have in general, so you see what types of images are repinned and shared. I will suggest you create images that are up to 735 pixels by 1102 pixels. This makes an engaging temptation to re-pin your pinned object. Check over the pin to include the link to the primary source.




  1. Maintain the tweets between 120 to 130 characters and put down the room for retweets with comments.
  2. Tweet links at a time-consuming pace. Utilize Buffer or HootSuite to plan your tweet.
  3. Use catchy words in your tweets.


I wish that post give you some ideas on how you can generate perfect social media posts. If you desire to learn extra about how to make better social media posts, check out our website and don’t forget to leave your comments about this topic.


Author: Isteak Ahmed

When it’s matter of putting letters and words in a row with the pure supremacy, then Isteak Ahmed has given it a bash with sublime intuition on copywriting, Technical Documentation, SEO, Tender Preparation, eBook and blog writing with years of heartfelt experience in Digital Media Marketing Arena. Isteak Ahmed is presently making his footstep as the Digital Content Manager at Arobil Ltd. Besides, he is stepping ahead to attain sheer expertise in Social Media Branding.