Many IT firm nowadays seems to claim that their web development for small business service is market best. But the fact is when you run an online business, visitors’ decisions on whether to choose your service or not always depend on tiny details in your design. Either you have to trust one of those firms or conduct a little bit of research before hiring one. Remember that your potential customers are preoccupied. They put faith in some main brands already. Even the tiniest detail can make much of the difference. But those details have to be wisely examined and fixed if you are to build a trustworthy brand and build an income. Today, we will take a stiff love over some of the major and minor mistakes of web development that can make your website look unprofessional. If you would like to ensure that your website is as good as it can be, then you may be interested in hiring a digital marketing company who can offer you all the help and support you may need.

Crucial Mistakes of Web Development for Small Business

Web Development for Small Business

Probably you have a small capital and you would like to develop a quality website by the way. In open eyes, you may not find the mistakes of a website. But we believe, after going through the following article, you will be able to recognize some of the general mistakes that may have also sneaked into your website design and development process. Let’s now check out the mistakes of web development for small business.

Unsuitable Use of Template

Using templates for large businesses is not wise, but I can see the requirements of them in small, bootstrapped startups. Although, if you end up using one, it’s a good idea to get a designer to properly modify it to your branding. You may even end up with a pretty good product. A common problem on websites built with theme support templates is a shaky visual connection between the logo and the rest of the site. The colors used in the logo do not fit in the website or fonts that are not fit well with ones used on the site.

Using the Default Bootstrap Look

A different, but the evenly disturbing fault is using the default Bootstrap design for your company website. You are not fooling anyone by using Open Sans. It is hard to differentiate between the entire website that is using the same design and it’s hurting your brand.

Typography Contrast Issues

Fonts have a much more important role in making an enormous design. They will make or break your entire design. A common problem of some designers is too little disparity between headline and body fonts. Implementing some size variation is not enough, actually. Look for using a bolder weight for your headline font, and make it very clearly more significant than the rest of the text. This will help with the hierarchy and quietly guide the eye through the website. The font of your website is highly important as people will link you to that font forever, as it has to be in other areas of your business and possibly products. You are able to get free fonts for commercial use from sites like Fontspace if you are in need, there you’ll be able to pick the right one for you and be consistent with your design.

Using Dark Backgrounds

Background color covers the largest part of your website, so better select it carefully. As a rule of thumb, black websites never look good, except they are designed professionally. The White color is a secure bet, but even more, designers tend to use very light gray. You can also go for using pictures as background but need to be sure to use genuine images, not from Google and chose images that go with the company mission, vision and branding approaches.

Alignment and Spacing

A site with perfectly placed content looks good consequently. Though spacing is tough, leaving enough, but not too much space around elements is possibly the hardest part of figuring out the design. But it can be cut down with a few rules likewise making sure all the elements are accurately grouped together, and more.

Unacceptable Copy

Writing for a website takes some different skill sets. It should be simple to read and clear message-oriented as well. Make sure yours is easy to grasp and get it checked by the expertise proofreader to check whether any spelling mistake is there or not.

Readability Issue

It’s a big issue. Because it doesn’t matter how good your copy is. If it’s not easily understandable, it is worthless. The readability can influence the way your company is being perceived. Circumvent small unreadable fonts and too little contrast between background and text and make sure that spacing between lines & paragraph is simultaneous.

Off-trend Design

web design tred

Don’t go off-trend for just being different. Yes, uniqueness is vital, but that does not mean you have to make a website that is completely different from all of your business competitors. It is best you know to explore your creative options with flat designs, while getting away with several 3D effects here and there.

Other Common Errors you need to take care:

  • Not considering mobile users
  • No Contact, and Social Sharing Buttons
  • No Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons
  • Poor Navigation and Internal Linking
  • Focusing too much on how the site looks
  • Spelling and Grammar Errors

Apparently, most of them must be quite familiar to you since you’re doing business online. Remember that website is the base of your business here. So, make it as much error free as possible. And in the case of any queries of confusions regarding web development for small business or any other web design and development technique, let us know throw the comment box below.

Author: Isteak Ahmed

When it’s matter of putting letters and words in a row with the pure supremacy, then Isteak Ahmed has given it a bash with sublime intuition on copywriting, Technical Documentation, SEO, Tender Preparation, eBook and blog writing with years of heartfelt experience in Digital Media Marketing Arena. Isteak Ahmed is presently making his footstep as the Digital Content Manager at Arobil Ltd. Besides, he is stepping ahead to attain sheer expertise in Social Media Branding.