Your successful domination of Page One search engine results from this point forward involve words — keywords.

It’s all about the words. Don’t kid yourself. Everything on the internet begins with and depends on keywords. Internet marketers know the most profitable keywords are “buying keywords.” They know they can access the inner-most thoughts of buyers to learn exactly what they are eager to buy, and what products and services they are spending their money on, right now, by doing keyword research.

Own Your Local Search Engine Results

As the owner of a business with an internet presence, you can own your local search engine results if you know the words, phrases, and results in customers associate with your business and weave them strategically throughout your website content.

When you discover the buyer keywords defining what you’re selling, and have these keywords attracting the search engines, you will be directing buyers, and not “free information browsers” to your website “money pages” to buy from you.


Sell to the Results of the Fantasy

As a local business owner, you’ve probably witnessed and experienced an increase in sales with shoppers who get high on shopping. You’ve watched them, and sold to them. You’ve learned to recognize when they’re experiencing the “feel good” pleasure zone associated with shopping. More often than not when they come into your store they’re already sold. They know what they want to buy, they have their credit card in hand, and they want you to direct them to the product they came into your store to buy. And you know what? When they’re signing that credit card slip they are so grateful to you for having what they wanted to buy that they are thanking you for letting them spend money with you! Do you know why? It’s because you sold them something which met the “results of their fantasy”. It doesn’t matter if it’s a perfectly drilled hole, how much a guest will enjoy the perfectly seasoned steak, or the way jeans snug in to fit a woman who will wear them knowing she can attract the new guy she’s had her eye on for the past week.

The Mindset of the Consumer

This type of “feeling you get from the end result” of any type of purchase offline and online is what generates billions of dollars in sales. And it doesn’t matter if it is a physical product, an information product or a service you offer. Begin the process of thinking about your business in relation to the mindset of the consumer, and the ultimate result the consumer is craving, and you will begin to see a definite shift in sales.

Buying is Not a Rational Decision

Whenever you can communicate that what your business offers is a match to a person’s “end result” fantasy of how they expect to feel once they buy, you have a winner. People make buying decisions because of emotions and feelings. Buying is not a rational decision. It will be rationalized later with logic, but the decision to buy is what fulfills a desire, a craving and other “lusts” created in our imagination and from our expectations of what “might be” after being exposed to advertising.

Author: arobil