Marketing has evolved so much in the last few years, and despite the fact that simple advertising, like that which you can find on this website, is still valuable, you still need to stay up to date with current trends in order to keep up with your competition. Growth hacking has been one of the most talked about topics for online business in recent days. It is a process of looking for brand new strategies to unveil new opportunities in this competitive market. If you want to know how to learn growth hacking, you should make sure you do your research into this industry. Moreover, the use of growth hacking tools for business is getting sheer attention these days. On that note, today, we would talk about some of the handiest growth hacking tools for business. One of the largest challenges startups faces scaling consumer and customer bases. No wonder why the use of Software for Project Management is becoming popular. As much as every company aims to gain more customers, the team dynamic within a business is very important. Without team work and meeting deadlines, a lot of businesses wouldn’t run as smoothly as it does now. Once this is all in place, then businesses can think about moving forward with growing their brands. It is mainly daunting for startups and smaller companies: They are marketing devoid of a well-known brand or the economic resources required to make a tremendous impact through conventional marketing channels like radio, TV or paid digital advertising.

So, what’s a startup to do?

This is where growth-hacking comes in.

All B2B dealers and business owners are on a stable search for methods to grow their company. One of the fundamentals to success for any miniature company or startup is growth hacking. Growth hacking lets you find the most efficient marketing channels and take benefit of them to attach with your viewers and scale your trade. Convenient growth hacking tools for business can calculate the recital of your marketing campaigns across different platforms. You can then use the info you gather to discover the best methods to engage your viewers. If you’d like to look into the many solutions IT can have for your business problems and needs, look into companies like Calgary IT services for all of your technological business needs.

growth hacking tools for business

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is about applying your ingenuity to discover cost-effective, scalable methods to get and retain as many consumers as possible. Contractor businesses may want to seek out services like Consultancy for Electricians in order to acquire invaluable knowledge with which the business can progress and move towards further success. Having access to expertise can benefit a business greatly, and whatever industry you’re in, there’s someone out there who can help. There are many ways that businesses can use various methods to increase their customers. Especially with the help of technology, this has made it a lot easier to do this. From using lawn care software in your garden business, to implementing a POS system in your new restaurant, you’ll eventually find what works for you and your business.

I was firstly intimidated by the perception when I first heard of it, but at sundown, it is just a method of experimentation: coming up with a thought, checking it, tracking it and studying the results, then working to create it more efficient. However, these days, I am putting my vital efforts more and more on getting used to the most convenient growth hacking tools for business.

Why Focus on Growth Hacking?

It is critical for B2B start-ups and little companies to grow rapidly without spending much money, and growth hacking can assist you to do precisely that. You can gain valuable info about your audience and their buying patterns by combining tools that help you to calculate the efficacy of your digital marketing strategy. Growth hacking encompasses several dissimilar tactics to develop your traffic and online appearance. Besides implementing tools to calculate your achievement, you should also:

  • Get consumer feedback, and make alterations as said
  • Use reviews to use other conversion rate optimization methods
  • Create applicable, shareable content
  • Utilize your email database as a funnel throughout nurturing campaigns
  • Retarget every page and post separately
  • Repurpose old content

Growth hacking assists your company to grow rapidly, but you will have to construct changes that resonate with your viewers. This can mean anything from presenting new products and special promotions to building tailored marketing campaigns. Remember that growth hacking is not intended to be a nonstop strategy, but to be a marketing “elevator” that necessitates being replaced with an enduring digital marketing policy. To get more ideas about growth hacking, you can ask help from the best content marketing agency in Bangladesh, or the leading digital marketing company in Dhaka. You will know more about growth hacking and how the growth hacking tools for business work. Moreover, if you are also looking for content marketing trends, check out the following blog as well.

Top Growth Hacking Tools for Business to Business (B2B) companies

As a B2B vendor, understanding your viewers is the key to boosting conversions and growing your business. Technology has permitted B2B companies to construct nurturing campaigns, enhance user knowledge, and investigate consumer behavior to find out which factors influence decisions the most. Many tools are obtainable to help you understand your audience and control your attempts to their preferences. To simplify your search, I have compiled a list of the top five growth hacking tools that B2B companies can apply to grow rapidly while decreasing costs.

  1. io

Email has remained a stable channel that assists boost engagement, client experience, and apparently, sales. is a sales automation stage that offers you to launch cold email operations that feel warm. It also allows you run A/B tests on subject and copies, contains auto follow-ups sent along with your schedule, set triggered calls and acquire detailed analytics that assists you to optimize your outreach. is matched for campaigns of all sizes and can be applied for an array of reasons, including but not partial to:

  • Outbound Sales
  • Inbound Sales
  • Account Management
  • Business Development
  • Fundraising

Cost: $55 for individual use, and $200-$500 for business use. The pricing is pretty delicate for this one of the best growth hacking tools for business.

  1. Optimizely


Once you have a plan, you may desire to run an A/B test, where you evaluate two versions of your web page or site: “A” will be the present version and “B,” the version with the innovative idea, be it the latest feature, functionality or layout. Typically, the trial will entail showing a random 50 percent of your visitor’s version A and the other 50%, version B. It then will track which does enhance regarding criteria similar to getting additional users, getting more people to buy something or obtaining consumers to continue longer on the site.

Optimizely is one of the most excellent tools for A/B testing. You can rapidly run A/B experiments devoid of the need to know any coding. Researchers can be run on a desktop, mobile app or mobile site. The first time we applied it, we were surprised at how simple it was to configure different versions of a web page similar to a homepage or a landing page, run the trial and track the effects.

Cost: $49-plus, based on traffic.


    buzzsumo assists you find relevant and precise content topics and keywords that are more likely to be viewed by purchasers on social media stages. With these, you can generate relevant content that will connect consumers, urging them to allocate your content on social media, and enlarge conversions with strategic CTAs. Being one of the handiest growth hacking tools for business, Buzzsumo is also an immense competitor search tool, giving you imminent into the competition’s most current content and details about their recital. All the above will allow you to learn about different strategies and systems to guarantee your content reaches your external audience.

Cost: $99-$699, mostly depends on user number.



Calendly, a tool that lets you to schedule meetings, can be utilized in various methods to grow your production. The tool cuts out require for back-and-forth emails between you, your team, and your clients. Calendly is totally flexible, permitting for one-on-one, group, round robin, and combined meetings where invitees can decide whom they would like to meet with from a team-wide page. Calendly lets businesses to schedule regular meetings with the exact people, allowing for resourceful business optimization. Also, Calendly can be applied as a lead generation and sales are speeding up tool. You can apply it to design a receptive sales cycle that cuts out the many inefficient emails and gets additional of your leads on the phone, turning them into valued clients.

Cost: Pricing of this incredible growth hacking tools for business is limited to $8-$12.

  1. ListBuilder

Building an email list of your viewers presents you a channel to construct a long-term link. If you contain something of value you can offer in return for people’s email addresses, ListBuilder will be a simple tool for you to arrange how and at what point during the consumer experience you should ask for their email addresses. (ListBuilder was the invention of Noah Kagen, the first marketing head at, which was obtained by Intuit for $170 million.)

For instance, you can present your users an ebook or pdf download offering content that is value-add and original. The “carrot” we present users is notification of the latest study we have published (insights about car trends and research). We use ListBuilder in combination with aWeber, which is an email marketing service (starting at $20 in a month). The combined tools create it simple to tailor the emails we send.

Cost: Free



GrowSumo is a community where you can get connected with a variety of agencies, influencers, review sites, affiliates, and business professionals to endorse your brand and, in sequence, drive additional sales. Throughout GrowSumo, you can arrange an affiliate, or reseller program, whereby you:

  • Entice them to work with you in replace for commissions or other motivations
  • Follow their development through the GrowSumo referral links
  • Reward influencers with an array of modified promotional campaigns

Cost: The expense of this tool is a bit higher than the other growth hacking tools for business. You have to pay $300-$500 to use this tool.

  1. Colibri helps you discover new opportunities for brand consciousness and visibility on online. This tool allows you know when someone talks about your brand, product or in a discussion so you can be there right when your leads or clients want it. You can win the awareness of your potential users, bring additional value to your customers’ experience or merely improve your community reach. You can study a lot seeing your clients’ pain points or the way to your leads’ requests and address them instantly being in the perfect place and time. Alternatively, you could maintain track on your competitor’s brand policy and consciousness figuring out practical insights and trends you could utilize for your instrument.

  1. Tribeboost – increase Twitter followers


As a startup, you may have it hard to construct and frequently grow viewers. Tribeboost can assist you to create viewers on Twitter. It uses an arrangement of computer algorithms and human assisters to discover Twitter followers. It does this by observing Twitter in real time depended on keywords and hashtags that you the user identify. You can also narrow your indented members by their position and profiles. Tribeboost’s customer service is also first-class in working to assist you home in on your most wanted set of followers.

Cost: $129-plus per month

Growth hacking arrives in a range of shapes and forms. Having the correct tools to categorize your team members, use the sufficient marketing channels, work with trade experts, and investigate your competition will present you the best prospect of growing your B2B business quickly and powerfully. The five B2B growth hacking tools mentioned above will assist your startup, or small business gets to the next stage, setting your business up for overall success. If you want to know more about growth hacking tools for business, be with us. And, in the case of any confusion, don’t hesitate to give me a knock.



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