Whether you’re working independently, or with a marketing firm like this Los Angeles Internet Marketing Agency, you need to be aware of developments within the marketing world. One of the most recent developments is having good content. Now, Content is not only the written word anymore, and it doesn’t need only discuss your products. Content is blog articles, pictures, GIFs, Emoji’s, videos, or whatever else, has become a system to enlighten, educate and entertain your audience about all that happens in and around your particular business. Content marketing can be a good way of reaching a large audience, for example, if you are marketing to students Content Marketing could bring your product to your audience through blog articles, pictures, and other online sources. Online Advertising and marketing needs depend based on the industry you are operating in. Remembering there is a vast amount of people on the internet so try being as professional and respectful. Law firms will be better suited to using Gladiator Law Marketing agency instead. In fact, content is changing now and so is the technique it is being marketed and presented. In this article, we will talk about some most valuable content marketing trends to heed for 2017. Here are our top picks for the most recent content marketing trends. If you feel that you have a knack for marketing then it might be worth reading these king kong agency reviews to see if a career in this industry could be your true calling. Moreover, I bet you’ve already heard of many of our picks. But what is needed is proper implementation. Now, let’s get down and check out those trends.

Content Marketing Trends to Follow in 2017

content marketing trends

These days whenever you’d search for any business plan or marketing strategy, you will find content marketing for small business at the tip of your search result. Efficient content marketing strategy now is one of the excellent small business marketing ideas. As per a recent study by PR agency Waggener Edstrom Communications, 61% of the online marketers voted for implementing a robust content marketing strategy to bring leads, and earn profits from a business. So, it’s pretty viable now to follow some of the latest content marketing trends all along. Although we’re here to discuss those trends, the following are the key objectives that you can achieve through the congenial content marketing process. If you can follow our below mentioned trends, you can surely achieve some goals like:

  • Lead generation
  • Increased reach and name recognition
  • Brand development
  • Better customer interaction

Now, let’s get going with the splendid content marketing trends.

Click Bait

No one in the whole world has not been persecuted by click bait. The beautiful and fascinating headlines prompt us to click to observe if anything new or appealing is there. In place of that, we are aimed with pop-ups, ads and a page that seems not possible to stop them. But there is good news here that makes more one of the maximum relieving content marketing trends of this year. Recently the social media platforms have understood that nobody is happy with this markedly irritating ploy. In a recent Facebook, CNN, perhaps the largest social media giant, signed an earnest diktat against creating click-bait to marketers. Now Facebook is also working on an innovative algorithm to encounter click bait headlines along with the condition to ban reiterate offenders.

Visual content

content marketing trends

Visual contents like an image, videos are making new craze in the world of content marketing. Visuals can assist with your branding, get recognized, help you stand out and be memorized. If you have not hold visuals yet, it is never too late to start integrating them into your preparation for 2017. How can you get started? Apply a photographer for photos of your business and your products. Make sure a great portion of the photos are enduring so that you can carry on asking them for singular advertising and promotional campaigns. If you don’t contain a design team on hand, search into some design apps that will do the work out of photo editing and make some original and attractive pictures. Something much more groundbreaking than pictures for visual marketing is holograms. While holograms seemed nothing more than a fantasy a few years ago, companies like Kaleida are creating holograms for entertainment and marketing purposes. With holograms being such a new and innovative advancement in technology, this definitely brings in shock value for your customers and will certainly encourage people to look into your business!

Live Streaming Video

This one is unquestionably the most vital and leading strategy among all the content marketing trends of 2017, and there is an abundance of reasons behind it. If we judge the general expenditure of all content formats, videos are a clear winner. Even if we talk about engagement, barely any other content format beats video. As live streaming videos are unedited, authenticity logically comes with them. Through videos, you may have a question-answer session with your clients, which is as unique as anything. Sometimes, reading content on mobile can be taxing and may keep away people from your content.

Overwhelming content via video is way too simple. Besides, you can frequently clarify your product or service in a superior and full manner with videos. Briefly, live streaming videos satiate the fundamental needs of clients- authentic, interactive and effortlessly edible content. It is not at all astonishing then that all the social media platforms are increasing live streaming potentials to get ahead.

Something even more innovative to capture an audience is the use of a space balloon to live stream from space to promote your brand. If that’s not something that will encourage customers to buy, what will?


Mobile devices are the primary source of more traffic on the internet than the desktops. The other obsession to think about when taking preparation your mobile marketing strategy is that you need to think your mobile aimed audience as if they were moving objectives. So it has to turn into one of the most important content marketing trends for 2017. If you ensure from reading some of the recent articles on content marketing, you will see how they recognize the trend of the mobile content marketing. The idea of content marketing is providing significant content to the audience, doesn’t where they are.


Do you know what the major test is for any digital marketer or a content marketer? Is it reducing attention spans? They must have to work hard to maintain their clients on the blog or website for a long time. Interactive content is the best technique to captivate a potential customers concern and keep them hooked with a brand. The modern study by suggests that interactive content can embrace the attention of a client than a clear and fixed content. Therefore, content marketers are attempting to incorporate polls, surveys, assessments, quizzes, and short videos for charming and retaining their clients.

Native Advertisements

The biggest fact of a modern-day ad is that people avoid ads that are totally salesy and interruptive. So the ad-blocker use is at an all-time maximum. Users desire a natural feeling in the ads they notice. That is, the ad should equivalent to the form and function of the platform on which it comes into views. We call this term as native advertisement. The capability to keep the user familiarity untouched with the smooth addition into its host surroundings has been the main reason why native advertising has been tremendously successful. So much so that The New York Times has quoted it as a remarkable reason for existing in some ad-block-heavy digital surroundings, as companies similar to BuzzFeed are built on native advertising.

The non-intrusive character in the customer experience positively enhances the possibilities of ad views, and that’s the start of any conversion process. Therefore, future times will see more of such ads, in addition to new formats. Maybe we’ll observe ads inserted into Facebook comments, clickable encouraged filters on Snapchat, or something entirely different. The use of native ads platforms is rising sharply and it seems that this is a positive trend.

Long Form Content

Contrary to what a lot of people believe, the study performed by Search Engine Land concluded that long form content not just acquires read more, but gets better ranks, too. But, it’s not at all astonishing. When someone is searching for articles on the different topic, he is in need of quality and relevant info. The length is not an obstruction if the content is capable of accomplishing the demanded criteria. Now Google is gratifying long from distributors and content writers with better infiltration in their “Answers” features and improved rankings.

As the permission for long form content has an approach from Google itself, they guarantee that this trend is all set to shine. But now we all recognize Google as the nonstop introducer of new algorithms to maintain the content unique and applicable. If you are a marketer, you should keep a close eye on the work what Google does. This type of trends of long-form content may not be an everlasting thing!

User Generated Content

User Generated Content

Truthfully, customers and users are your most excellent marketers. 70 percent of customer’s place user generated content the generic written content. With the simple accessibility of mobile phones and a plethora of the social media and the video sharing platforms, your clients are taking and uploading photos even of the least significant events and happenings in their lives, in addition to the most famous. UGC is not just about pictures- it includes recommendations, comments, reviews, and questions and answers too. Therefore, it is a logical step to make use of such an original and readily available content to continue in the eyes of the people by using user clients’ photos.

People contain 12 times more trust in such content as it is derived from the ordinary lives of everyday people. The user generated content has thus got the significance, and it will be increasing. In a word, UGC is similar to asking your customers to create content for you to show it on your website, the social media networks and even in-store. They narrate to it more quickly and obviously. It is very tricky and time-consuming to turn up with fresh content on a regular basis.

Shoppable Content

With the large tribe of online shopaholics rising every day, shoppable content will continue to be in require. A lot of digital media platforms have recently incorporated choices that encourage impulsive purchasing. Such a Pinterest has newly introduced Buyable Pins, which generates over 2 million products directly available for clients to choose from. Alike, Instagram has brought the Shop Now Option, which permits customers to buy through third party apps, for example, Like2Buy. With every chief and lesser-known online platform attempting to convert itself into a big shop, content will perform the task of a shopkeeper trying hard to keep the client engaged!


I think this post can produce sheer marketing help for small business owners. The digital marketing is foraying into new areas. So, content marketing will play even a bigger role in 2017.The Content Marketing is an essential part of digital marketing. It engages creating and distributing valuable content across different digital marketing platforms. It is turning into significant for businesses to take on all the above-mentioned Content marketing trends to stay alive in the firm. If you have any questions about Content Marketing Trends, let us know. We will be glad to answer them.


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