Complain Management System

Best Complaint Management System with Sheer Proficiency

In any business, keeping the customers exhilarated means keeping them ardent and unswerving, which is, of course, a combative expediency. In a traditional market, products come and go, but the service is the only thing that keeps the customer loyal. Resolving customer complaints or handling customer complaints is a part or offering a splendid customer service. And if you want to do so, having the most systematic complaint management system is best solved in recent days. Most of the times, it seems easier to say than being done.

Oftentimes you will think that you’ll be in touch with your customer, you understand their demand, but, when you find the actual reality, it may be too late. It’s highly important to have a comprehensive idea where your customers stand so that you can collect that data, built new strategy and ensure their satisfaction. It’s the technology that can help you and a customer complaint management system from Arobil Ltd., is something that you will cherish for a long time. It works as an online complaint management system and assists you handling customer complaints in reducing deprecates and improve business experience.

Solving Customer Complaints Because It Matters the Most

At Arobil Ltd., we know how crucial customers are for your small business. And, when customers convey such importance, then listening to them and valuing their complaints are extremely important too that each business corporation needs to do. A well-defined customer complaint management system allows businesses to find where something is going wrong and thus improve on those areas to accomplish the highest satisfaction of the stakeholders of the business.

To make your activity more effective and hassle free, our expert of developers has built an advanced web based customer grievance handling system for your business and you can utilize it anytime you wish. Our goal is to introduce you to a highly efficient complaint management system that can make your business rise on top of the market again.

Complain Management

Our Complaint Management System Includes

Our customer feedback system records everything needed for registration purpose likewise, Complaint Serial Number, Complaint Type, Complaint Nature, Area, Customer Name, Contact Details, Product Serial No, Complaint Status, etc.

This very feature of our IT complaint management system ensures that the objection which is immediately received, appointed to the corresponding service agent and the time schedule is also tracked in the system.

The objective of our web-based customer grievance handling system is not just complaint registration or allocation, it tracks all the on-going activities such as service visit, received complaints, sending emails, making a phone call and much more.

Through our system, you can check your inventory and the availability of concerned products which are getting complaints in times. Our customer feedback management system will let you track your product amount as well.

You can regulate report of whole weeks’ complaint summary from our complaint management system and keep your eyes on the total improvement of overall customer satisfaction toward your product/service.

How Do We Differ?

  • Complaint Tracking

  • Manage Inventory

  • Auto Generated Receipt

  • Customized Inventory

  • Customizable Reports

  • Multi-Login Opportunity

  • SMS Gateway Integration

Our Core Modules

  • Complaint Booking & Tracking

  • Multi-login Base System

  • Product Master

  • Spare Part Inventory

  • Performance & AMC Invoice Generation

  • Various Reports & Notifications