buying house management system

Get in Touch with Best Buying House Management System

Buying house is one of the trendiest businesses for the last 10 years. In order to get success in this typical buy and sell trade, an organization must have the ability of processing orders both efficiently and quick as a critical component of this type of manufacturing or distributional business. A standard design buying house management system is capable of allowing the corporate houses to manage their order, sales and manufacturing process quite conveniently. Buying house management system is relatively a newer term since most people refer it as order management process software. This businesslike software system can have general functionalities, or if you have special requirement, it can be developed with custom manner. If you want to achieve prosperity in buying house business, you shall not miss out the chance of installing a custom made buying house management system with the back office. Normal ERP software or project management tool can’t help you here.

If you want something powerful, eloquent, at a decent budget, our order management process software, developed by a professional development team, will be a big help. Our very own buying house management system is equipped with 3 different parts: one for the buyer, one for the vendor and the middle point is controlled by the administrative authority of any order management company. We believe, Arobil Ltd.’s skilled developers can facilitate you with the most advanced buying house management system in Dhaka.

Functionalities of Order Management Process Software

  • Customize setup on the product category, size, color, fabrics etc.

  • Keeping freight, port, beneficiary, buyer agent

  • Stores bank info, order type, dependent party notification

  • Unlimited buyer, supplier and software user facility

  • Dynamically currency conversion facility

  • Unlimited PO creation and tracking with status monitoring

  • Visitor log and information keeping

  • Software access control for user and view log

  • Available output list on buyer, supplier, visitor

  • Prepare packing list with report format and bill facility

  • Calculate pending request and order

  • Debit /Credit/Journal voucher posting with approval facility

  • Powerful search engine

  • Live chat and comment log

  • Unlimited PO related file & image upload