Still, on the topic of landing pages, I just realized that in my previous post, we’ve only gone as far as making the right questions in making it an effective one. We’ve barely scratched the surface in making your landing page a truly effective one.

Well, there is no hard and fast rule in making your landing page effective. The true measure or best gauge is actually just whether it was good enough to have closed a sale for you!

Here Are Some Tips For Making An Effective Landing Page That You Could Employ:

1. A Definite Call To Action

There’s really no guesswork in this one. It’s plain and simple: it is truly effective if it can make your potential customer pick up that phone and call you, send you an email, or submit an online submission form. The language used should take an active voice, propelling your potential customer to pursue his or her interest in your products or service. The only thing that you should ensure to make this happen is that your contact information and channels of communication are readily available. Don’t forget to follow it up!

2. K.I.S.S.

This means, Keep It Short and Simple. This refers to your over-all statements and your page length. Don’t run the risk of making it a snoozefest where you put on a lot of run-ons, verbose statements, or lots and lots of paragraphs that really bore your readers to death! Just be brief and drive it home. Be direct to the point.

3. Entice

It’s another word for a come-on. Well, who’s to say that the art of seduction shouldn’t be used in the online business world? We’re talking about legit seduction, though, like bonuses, discounts, freebies, little extras, and other promotional activities that could whet your potential customer’s appetite. Value for money is really a clincher.

4. A Good Picture Or Set Of Pictures

All text is sometimes too plain. You would need to embellish it to prove a point or make things more clear. Just make sure that the choice of photos is appropriate and supports your content, not taking away the focus of what you are offering. A picture relays a thousand words and for some, this may just be enough.

5. Fast And Light

Ever tried to view a site that took forever to load? Such a turn off and such a waste of time and opportunity! Make sure that your content and photos don’t take too much weight in loading your landing page.

Author: arobil